Congratulations...  You have just found the Best Swing Trading Software available on the internet!   The Stock Trade Analyzer's advanced internal logic is designed to evaluate and gauge your stock's price fluctuations with uncanny accuracy using state-of-the-art Swing Trading Strategies..   This helps you pinpoint the low-risk, high-probability entry points you need to be profitable with short term trading.

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The New Stock Trade Analyzer gives you exact buy signals, stop-loss placement and selling alerts on the stocks of your choice. The software is Completely Stand Alone, Gets FREE Data - No extra "data feed" required, and its 100% mechanical and automatic. It's Super Simple to Use and Accurate, making The Stock Trade Analyzer is the only swing trading software you will ever need to get the best swing trading buy and sell signals!

$279 1st year license
$99 annual renewal

You could read stacks of technical analysis books, attend dozens of seminars, or spend thousands of dollars on other expensive systems searching for the holy grail of short term swing trading strategies and probably NEVER attain the level of accuracy you will get right out of the box when you start using The New Stock Pivot Trade Analyzer.  Quite frankly, your search for the Ultimate Swing Trading System is over!

You are amazingly close to revolutionizing the Swing Trading Process and taking your trading to a whole new level of ease and profitability. The level of accuracy will astonish you and the automated trade entry alerts with stop placement will free you up to concentrate instead on trade management and profit taking. Built for today's Active Swing Trader.

"Jeffrey has done it again... first with Stock-Signal-Pro and now with the new Stock Trade Analyzer. Finding great swing trades couldn\ít be easier. Thanks for building such a great product!"

- Ethan J. - Dallas, Texas

" I really appreciate the value of this new software. It really saves me a lot of time. I was looking at hundreds of charts a day trying to find decent trades. Your software now does all the work for me and I am really impressed with the quality of the trade setups, and I love the free group training webinars, I am learning a lot. Thanks for a really cool piece of software. Best Swing Trading Software on the market."

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